Important Vocabulary Part – 2

Drub (verb)(ठोकना,पीटना)-To defeat decisively

The powerful young boxer drubbed the longtime champion.

Synonyms: beat, thrash

Dubious (adj)(संदिग्ध,संदेहपूर्ण)-Questionable

Karl found Kevin’s claim that he was sick dubious, as he had just seen him playing football.

Extenuating (adj)( तुनकारक,लघुकारक)-Partially excusing

The extenuating circumstance of Calviin’s illness caused the teacher to excuse his lateness.

Synonyms: mitigating, qualifying

Epitaph (noun)( समाधि लेख ,स्मारक)-Brief statement honoring a dead person

“Beloved by all,” was the epitaph Edgar chose for his wife’s tombstone.

Synonyms: inscription, eulogy

Extol(verb)(सराहना,प्रशंसा करना)-To praise highly

The statesman extolled the ambassador who single-handedly negotiated the peace treaty.

Facade(noun)(अग्रभाग,मुखौटा)-false or superficial appearance

Emily’s smile is just a facade masking her broken heart.

Frugal (adj)(अल्पव्ययी,मिताहारी)- Thrifty, cheap

The frugal shopper only bought items that were on sale.

 Synonyms: sparing, provident

Futile (adj)(असार,तुच्छ,व्यर्थ)-Without purpose, completely ineffective

Arguing with Andrew is futile because he never changes his mind.

Synonyms: hopeless, vain

Benefactor (noun) (उपकारी,पुण्यात्मा,धन आदि से सहायता करने वाला) – One who offers financial help

Santosh’s aunt and benefactor paid his college tuition.

Synonym: patron

Beneficial (adj)( गुणकारक,लाभकारी,लाभदायक) –Helpful

there is no doub that eating vegetables is beneficial to one’s health.

Synonyms: advantageous, salutary

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