Important Vocabulary Part – 3

Benevolent (adj)( कृपालु,दयालु,परोपकारी) –Kind, helpful

Sherman revealed his benevolent side when he offered to help Carter with his homework.

Synonyms: altruistic, generous

Brandish (verb) (भांजना,लपलपाना,फिराना) – To shake or wave menacingly

The baseball player was fined for brandishing his bat at the opposing pitcher.

Synonyms: flourish, swing

Duplicity (noun) (कपट,छल,दुरंगीपन)-Deceptive thought, speech, or action

The life of an undercover detective is filed with necessary duplicity.

Synonyms: deceit, dishonesty

Ecstatic (adj)(उन्मत्त,उल्लासित)-Overwhelmingly emotional

They were ecstatic when their team won the championship game in the last second.

Synonyms: overjoyed, rapturous

Equitable (adj)(उचित,ठीक,यथार्थ)-Fair and equal

The judge made an equitable decision dividing the estate evenly among the sisters.

Synonyms: impartial, unbiased

Ethical (adj)(नैतिक,आचार सम्बंधी)-Conforming to accepted standards

Mary did the ethical thing and turned in the diamond necklace she found.

Synonyms: honorable, moral

Fidelity(noun)(अनुराग,भक्ति,वफादारी)-State of being faithful

Unlike her fickle friend Benji,May Belle was known for her fidelity.


Finite(adj)(नियत,सावधि)-Having definite limits

The exasperated mother had finite patience for her toddler’s tantrums.


Futile (adj)(असार,तुच्छ,व्यर्थ)-Without purpose, completely ineffective

Arguing with Andrew is futile because he never changes his mind.

Synonyms: hopeless, vain

Gargantuan (adj)(महाकाय,विशाल)-Gigantic

The gargantuan monster towered over the ten-story building.

Synonyms: enormous, colossal